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When to Engage a Conveyancer

It is important that you engage a conveyancer as early as possible, to ensure you are aware of all of your rights and obligations. This will also enable your conveyancer to check over any documents to provide you with information regarding the property.

What We Specialise In

What We Specialise In

Residential Transactions

Private Contracts

Form 1 Preparation

Torrens Title & Community Divisions

Matrimonial and Family Transfers

Business Settlements

Commercial Settlements

Deceased Estate Transactions

Selling, Buying and Transferring Property

When you are selling, buying or transferring property, you want to ensure that everything is done right , the first time and on time!

Conveyancers play an important piece of the puzzle in your property transaction. At Divine Conveyancing we are AICSA members. Giving us the extra knowledge and skills needed to complete the tasks required.

Whether its your first time, or you’re a purchasing pro, each transaction and property can be different. That’s where the Conveyancer plays a very important role to make the transaction run smoothly.

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